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Annual Financial Reports

Annual Financial Reports

The Finance and Administration Department prepares the Annual Financial Report.  The City's financial statements present two types of statements, each with a different snapshot of the City's finances.  The focus on both the City as a whole (government-wide) and the individual funds of the City (fund financials statements).  The government-wide financial statements provide both short-term and long-term information about the City's overall financial status.  The fund financials focus on the individual parts of the City government, report the operations in more detail on a short-term basis.  The Management Discussion and Analysis section of the Annual Financial Report provides financial highlights of the City's operations as well as an analytical overview of the City's financial activities.

This report is audited by independent outside auditors, who express an opinion on the fairness of the financials statements.

FY 14/15 Audited Annual Financial Report
FY 13/14 Audited Annual Financial Report
FY 13/14 Management Report
FY 12/13 Audited Annual Financial Report
FY 11/12 Audited Annual Financial Report
FY 10/11 Audited Annual Financial Report
FY 10/11 Management Report 
FY 09/10 Audited Annual Financial Report
FY 09/10 Management Report
FY 08/09 Audited Annual Financial Report
FY 08/09 Management Report

Single Audits

The Single Audit Act of 1984 provides for state and local government recipients of federal financial awards to have one audit performed to meet the needs of all federal grantor agencies.  The City's Single Audit is performed by the City's auditors Smith and Newell, Certified Public Accountants.

FY 14/15 Single Audit Report
FY 13/14 Single Audit Report
FY 12/13 Single Audit Report
FY 11/12 Single Audit Report
FY 10/11 Single Audit Report

For a copy of the financial statements or for more information, please contact:

City of Nevada City Finance and Administration Department
Attn:  Catrina Olson
317 Broad Street
Nevada City, CA 95959
(530)265-2496 x134

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