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Tentative Map -The Grove
Project Description: Application for a tentative Final Map to subdivide a 12.97 acre portion of a 19.57acre parcel into 59 individual lots in two development phases including 12 second units to conform to the applicant’s affordable housing plan. Development Phase 1 proposes the creation of the 15 “large-lot” single-family lots, to be sold as undeveloped lots suitable for custom homes, along with supporting infrastructure improvements. Of these 15 lots, 8 and 4 cottages are proposed to incorporate a second dwelling in order to comply with the Affordable Housing Plan. Development Phase 1 will also include mine waste remediation associated with a Removal Action Work Plan (RAW), all site preparation, grading and road and utility installation of the entire 12.9 acres.  Development Phase 2 will encompass the development of 32 clustered townhouse units along with 12 clustered single-family lots and supporting infrastructure.  The clustered housing units and condominium units will be developed by the applicant and will include four floor plan variations and sizes. The total number of housing units for both phases, including single-family, multi-family and second dwelling units amounts to 71 units, an approximate 5% housing increase in the City’s housing stock.  

Project Status: The project is tentatively scheduled for review by the Architectural Review Committee on Wednesday, March 1, 2017, to be held at the City Council Chambers at 10:30 am.

Environmental Document: Staff is recommending adoption of a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for this project. The draft MND can be viewed here.

Application and Supplemental Material is available below:
Tentative Map Exhibit
Tree Removal/retention exhibit
Affordability Plan (video link to City Council conceptual review): ) 
Biological Report
Remedial Action Work (RAW) Plan

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