Nevada City, CA
Declaration of Stage 3 Water Shortage Warning
Posted on Tuesday June 22, 2021
City Council adopts Resolution 2021-25 declaring a Stage 3 Water Shortage Warning in Nevada City

California is experiencing drought conditions much earlier in the year than what has been historically seen in prior years.  As a result, on April 28, 2021 Governor Newsom issued a proclamation of drought emergency for several counties and on May 10, 2021 expanded the proclamation to include 41 counties in the state including Nevada County.  This is a critically dry year and the intent of the emergency proclamation is to address what is anticipated to be water supply shortfalls by encouraging “stepping up efforts to save water”.  NID (Nevada Irrigation District) declared a drought emergency in its service area on April 28, 2021.   The City of Nevada City subsequently declared a Stage 2 drought alert on May 26, 2021.  

On June 8th, 2021 the City received notice from the State Water Resources Control Board recommending water source contingency and conservation planning.    As further described in the notice, the first six months of water year 2021 rank as the fourth driest on record. With warm temperatures and extended dry conditions, melting Sierra Nevada snow is soaking into parched ground rather than running into reservoirs. On some streams, runoff is lower now than during the critically dry year of 2014–15.

Given the severity of the State’s water shortage and mandatory conservation requirements which are forthcoming for all water suppliers, on June 18th 2021 City Council adopted Resolution 2021-25 declaring a Stage 3 Water Shortage Warning in Nevada City.     Declaration of a State 3 Water Shortage Warning is intended to increase awareness of drought challenges and reduce water usage.  Per the City’s Drought Plan, a public information campaign will begin including requiring mandatory water conservation, encouraging customers to reduce water usage by 20% of 2020 levels, limit outdoor watering to 2 days per week, repair water leaks, and not use potable water to wash hard surfaced areas.    A mailing flyer was sent to all property owners for the Stage 3 Water Shortage Warning.   The City will also prominently display “save water” signage, post notices on city website and other media sources including local newspaper and radio.

Here's what you can do to help conserve water.  (click on links or see attachments)

Resolution 2021-25
Declaration of Stage 3 Water Shortage Warning
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