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Cannabis Businesses
Change to Adult Use: At the December 12, 2018 Council meeting, City Council repealed and reenacted Chapter 9.22 of Title 9 of the Nevada City Municipal Code in order to allow adult-use cannabis businesses to operate within the City as opposed to medical-only businesses. Staff has determined that there are potential impacts to allowing existing authorized medical-only facilities to become authorized adult-use facilities, including but not limited to: parking needs, operational traffic increases, increases in solvent storage, etc.  


 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Searls Group, LLC has submitted a request to convert their authorized medical cannabis business, located at 569 Searls Avenue, to an authorized adult-use cannabis business.  Chapter 9.22 of Title 9 of the Nevada City Municipal Code established regulations for adult-use cannabis businesses. Searls Group, LLC has provided responses to a staff-prepared questionnaire to inform staff in determining if the change warrants further review by the appropriate hearing body (City Council for a dispensary business or Planning Commission for all other cannabis business categories). 
Applicant responses to the Adult-Use Questionnaire can be viewed here.

 Written comments and requests for placing the item on an upcoming agenda (City Council for a dispensary business or Planning Commission for all other cannabis business categories) may be filed with the City Planner during regular working hours at City Hall within 7-days of mailing, due by Wednesday, May 15, 2019.

Cannabis Manufacturing, Distribution, Cultivation (no mature plant grows), and Testing Laboratory Businesses (See separate webpage for dispensary business information):

Due to a pending request from the City to the CA Department of Justice regarding access to Live Scan data, staff will not be accepting applications at the previously stated April 30th deadline. The next four deadlines for submitting an application for consideration by the Planning Commission:
    June 30, 2019
    September 30, 2019
    December 30, 2019
    March 31, 2020

Please complete the application form, linked below and submit all necessary supplementary information. Staff will accept applications, review for general completeness and then distribute to staff and Planning Commissioners for a 30 to 60 day review and comment period. Once the review period is complete, staff will schedule the application for a public meeting for consideration by the Planning Commission.  

Download  Cannabis Business (Other than Dispensary) Application
Download  View Application Fee Resolution, Cannabis Businesses (Other than Dispensary)
Download  Cannabis Business Ordinance
Download  Application Procedure Resolution 
Download Background Information Form
Download Implementation Procedures & Description of Evaluation Criteria 
Download Nevada City Live Scan Form 

Any questions may be directed to City Planner, Amy Wolfson at [email protected]

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