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Old Airport Master Plan

November 1, 2018 Update
Currently City staff are working to analyze the results of the Old Airport Master Plan survey.  Results will be submitted to City Council.  Watch here and on City Council Meeting Agendas for updates and next steps.


May 24, 2017 – Workshop #1 held at a regularly scheduled City Council Meeting

The public was given time to make general comments about their thoughts and ideas related to the development of a Master Plan for the Old Airport Property.

The workshop was interactive and primarily a brainstorming session.  The public was given time to suggest uses under the following categories: Miscellaneous, Park & Recreational Uses, & Economic Development uses.  After writing down all provided suggestions on easel paper, it was reviewed with the public, to confirm understanding.  Each person at the workshop was then able to prioritize the suggestions by placing a dot/dots next to their top 3 preferences.

June 28, 2017 – Workshop Summary was discussed at a regularly scheduled City Council Meeting

Staff Report

Staff Report - Exhibit A

Staff Report - Exhibit B

City Council voted to confirm a prioritization of the top five conceptual property uses and direct staff to prepare a report outlining various consideration related to each conceptual use (e.g. environmental, cost, feasibility, zoning, etc.).

November 11, 2017 – Tour of Old Airport/Special City Council & Planning Commission Meeting

The City provided a tour of the property.  All members of the public were invited.  The goal was to provide information about where the borders of the property are and give the public an opportunity to see as much of the property as possible for those who may not be familiar with the space.

March 14, 2018 – Old Airport Master Plan Update to City Council at a regularly schedule City Council Meeting

Staff Report

Staff Report - Attachment

City Council directed staff to complete preliminary surveys and conduct a second workshop to further define the priorities that came out of the first workshop. 

May 30, 2018 – Special City Council & Planning Commission Meeting/Workshop

At this workshop attendees worked in groups to define “Golden Gate Park” (from the previous workshop) and place cut-outs onto maps of the Old Airport to create their groups vision for the property.  Cut-outs included solar panels, sports fields, educational/cultural center and space for the Department of Public Works to use for materials.

See the staff report and attachments under “July 11, 2018” for pictures of the group projects.

July 11, 2018 – Workshop Summary & Discussion of Next Steps at the regularly scheduled City Council Meeting

Staff Report 

Staff Report - Attachment 1
Staff Report - Attachment 2
Staff Report - Attachment 3
Staff Report - Attachment 4

City Council directed staff to prepare a web-based, broad-level community survey and continue to reach out to consultants for preliminary report preparation quotes.

July 25, 2018 – Survey Discussion at regularly scheduled City Council Meeting

Staff Report

Staff Report - Attachment 1
Staff Report - Attachment 2
Staff Report - Attachment 3
Staff Report - Attachment 4

City Council directed staff to 1) Simplify survey by reducing number of questions. 2) Deliver surveys to Airport residents and increase outreach to all residents. 3) Meet with Gold Country Soccer League. 4) Solicit donations for a professional conceptual drawing of the site.

SURVEY  (September - October 2018)
The City conducted a Survey for the Old Aiport Master Plan.  That survey closed on October 31, 2018.  The information about the survey is listed below and will remain her for informational purposes.

The purpose of the survey is to broaden outreach to Nevada City residents and the community for input on development of the Old Airport Master Plan and to examine the priorities that came out of our previous workshops. The following survey can be printed or picked up at City Hall.  After completing the survey it should be returned to City Hall - Recreation Dept. All surveys are due October 31, 2018.

Background: The Old Airport Property includes 6 connecting parcels that total 108.74 acres. Although the property is annexed into the City, it is not connected to other city boundaries. Access exists via Airport Rd. There is an easement from Cement Hill Rd., but no access currently exists. The City has held two public workshops to collect ideas and thoughts from the community on the development of a Master Plan. The following questions are designed to clarify information gathered at the previous public workshops, collect more information from the public and find focus on priorities.

Click on the underlined group concept links below to view group site design concepts from the May 30, 2018 workshop.  You will need to review these for the last question of the survey.

Group 1 Concept Summary:  Maximize solar energy production, Preserve a forested perimeter buffer with incorporated trails and public art exhibits; do not incorporate athletic fields but allow a small amphitheater and/or children's play area.
Group 2 Concept Summary: Preserve a forested perimeter buffer;  Incorporate solar with recreational infrastructure such as above parking and between athletic fields; Preserve open space on the western half of site with minimal improvement such as trail development; Utilize interior, previously disturbed area for athletic field development.
Group 3 Concept Summary: Preserve existing undisturbed areas, primarily on the western half of the site, promote low-impact recreational uses such as trails and disc golf within a perimeter buffer; incorporate solar in conjunction with facilities such as above parking and on cultural/educational facilities; Develop an interior greenbelt

Group 4 Concept Summary:  Preserve existing undisturbed areas, primarily on the western half of the site; Emphasize trail improvement; Incorporate a community garden area; Incorporate a cultural/educational facility such as for Nisenan community area.
Group 5 Concept Summary:  Promote low-impact recreational uses such as trails and disc golf within the western half of the site; Preserve a forested  perimeter buffer limited to trail development; Incorporate solar, cultural/educational centers, athletic fields, and a dog park within the previously disturbed areas at the eastern end of the site.
Group 6 Concept Summary: Preserve existing forested area on the western half of the site with minimal improvements that includes trail development; Incorporate 11-acres of ground-mounted solar secured with fencing and buffered with vegetation; Incorporate small, low-impact athletic fields (such as Bocci Ball) in the previously disturbed areas; Establish an open area for informal gatherings; Minimize parking improvements. 


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