Nevada City, CA
Variance-National Hotel Sign

PROJECTThe applicant is in process of renovating the historic National Exchange Hotel. They are proposing to paint a sign on the east side of the building. The proposed sign is approximately 100 square feet and is oriented vertically along the front of the building’s east side.  The Variance application is a request to deviate from two sections of the Zoning Ordinance:

 1)17.80.180 which states that “no exterior surface of any building or structure in any zone shall be painted in any color or with graphic design whereby such color or super-graphic shall constitute a message, code, or signal. Legal signs are excepted here from.”

 2) Section 17.68.080 (E) which states that “no single sign shall exceed 24 square feet in area” within the historic district.

 The applicant is requesting that justification for the Variance be based on the building’s historic significance and an historic tradition of signs painted on this particular building and others of a similar era.  

 APPLICANT/OWNER:  211 Broad Street, LLC,

APN(s):                    005-399-006

LOCATION:           211 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA 95959


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