Nevada City, CA
Variance - 160 Grove Street

PROJECT: The applicant is proposing an addition to their existing 1,041 square foot residence at 160 Grove Street. The 1920s-era residence was originally constructed as close as 27 feet from the front property line, thereby encroaching 3-feet into the standard 30-foot setback applicable today. Therefore the residential structure is considered non-conforming and, as such, has limitations on additions and remodeling pursuant to Section 17.76 of the Municipal Code, unless a  Variance is granted. The original residence was constructed in such a manner as to avoid the steep topographic decline toward Deer Creek and take advantage of the flatter area toward the top of the property.  


1. Applications (Variance and Architectural Review)

2. Improvement Plans (Site Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations)

3. Photographs (subject residence and surrounding neighborhood)

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