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Prop 68 - Park Funding
The City is planning to apply for funding through the Prop 68 - State Park Development & Community Revitalization Program, also known as the California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection & Outdoor Access for All Act of 2018.  This proposition was passed by California voters during the June 2018 election.  There are $254,942,000 available and the City can apply for up to $8.5 million dollars for each park application.

What Can the Funds Be Used For?
To create a new park, expand or renovate an existing park.

How Can the Public Help?
Participate in public meetings to provide input and feedback on the potential projects that could be completed at Pioneer Park.

Meeting Summaries
Below are summaries of each meeting or workshop that the City has had to this date.

Public Workshop 2-20-19
The public was informed about this meeting by posting the flyer for this workshop at City facilities, emailed information to renters who regularly use Seaman's Lodge or other areas of Pioneer Park and others who have expressed interest in various projects at Pioneer Park.  It was also posted as a Special Meeting of the City Council and Planning Commission.
PowerPoint presentation
Summary of project ideas from this workshop.

Nevada City Farmer's Market 3-16-19
To reach out to more people in the community, a booth was set up at the Nevada City Farmer's Market.  Information & ideas were collected from anyone who stopped by the booth.
Summary of project ideas collected at the booth.

Nevada City Little League Opening Day 3-30-19
In an effort to reach different age groups and people who use Pioneer Park, our Parks & Recreation Manager set up a table in front of Seaman's Lodge during Little League's Opening Day celebration.  
Summary of project ideas collected at the table.

Upcoming Meetings/Workshops
Neighborhood Workshop 5-15-19
This workshop is designed to collect information and ideas from the people who live within 1/2 mile of Pioneer Park.  The state funders make some assumptions about the fact that those who live closest to the park are most likely to utilize the space and will be impacted most by that activities at the park.

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