Nevada City, CA
377 Wyoming

PROJECT: Property owner, Garrett Chow is proposing to construct a 2,200 square foot residence and a detached garage/ADU structure.  The primary residence will be constructed on an existing graded pad area, some portions of which encroach within the 100-foot setback of  Deer Creek. Biologist, Greg Matuzak has evaluated the encroachment as part of a Biological Inventory prepared for the project. A Site Plan has been prepared by Atmosphere Design Build,  showing that a significant area of the subject parcel is encumbered by steep slopes of 30% or greater and by the creek setback. Due to the grading and construction proposed to encroach within the 100-foot Deer Creek setback, the applicant is requesting a Variance from the code Section 17.80.120 of the City Municipal Code.

Staff Report for February 18, 2021 (with attachments)

Variance Application

Site Plan

Biological Inventory, dated January 2021 by Greg Matuzak

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